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Almark: -ATD-

Almark’s first release to Weatnu Records was the abstract electronic album ATD. A collection of grooving, semi-dark synth pop tracks mixed with atmospheric electronic soundscapes.

Album opener, ’32 bit’, captures that ‘Reproduction’ and ‘Travelogue’ era Human League vibe, dark synthpop without being too dark. There are several tracks like this (‘High Bias’ and ‘IC’ to name two) that delight the ears and soothe the soul. Other tracks (‘Flip-Flop’, ‘Digital Mountains’ and ‘Binary Fathoms’ plus more) create a binary image in the mind’s eye of desolate landscapes filled with wonder and awe. ‘Captain Capstan’ even has, what can only be described as, the sound of an engaged telephone tone pulsating throughout. Title track, ‘ATD’, brings a Kraftwerk feel to the proceedings with good use of a vocoder to add some vocal elements. It is truly captivating stuff.

-ATD- will enhance your record collection. It is an album, perfect for headphones and quiet thinking time, which deserves to be listened to whilst shutting out the world. Allow the textures that Almark creates wash over you and carry you to a distant place where nothing else matters at all. Allow yourself to gaze in wonder at mountainous valleys and galactic stars as Almark transports you beyond the confines of your ordinary world. A magical and safe journey can be had by all.

Rich James#WEATNU Digital Magazine

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What is FUNT?

The ‘weird’ has come to #WEATNU. What is FUNT? The David Lynch of Electronic music, Craig Manga, mastermind of Mangabros, Craig & Yikki,  and Vamonos P, is now here with his new project. FUNT.

What is FUNT you say? Take the most fearsome thing you can think of clowns.. Carnivals and put that to electronic do-dads, and you get these teasers. Electronic funk perhaps? Let’s just find out what’s behind the curtain shall we?

Check out the unfolding events of FUNT on Facebook. Let’s get weird.



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