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Album Reviews : Jazzykat: Think about your future

Eclectic Chillout/Electronica Artist: Jazzykat.

Jazzykat lets a little sunshine into these bleak, wintry days in Northern England with her new ep ‘Think About your Future’.

No disappointment on this release, all Kat’s traits are intact: the smoky jazz inflections, the house beats, her pure sense of melody and those pristine synth textures.

Opening with the titular track, an almost Plastikman sparseness takes our dancing bones and rattles them into life, before the strident piano vamping and those typical JK synth lines take sinewy control. The bass-dominant ‘Main Street’ is in Orbital territory circa the classic Brown Album era. My body is flung into hedonistic orgiastic delight, with my head reeling from the nostalgia and thrills of discovering new sounds. Surely that’s impossible.

Hell no, JK is a expert at touching on the past and making it fresh, always “thinking about the future”. This is jazzhop (for want of a better term), of the finest ilk. And even when you can’t imagining it getting better, it fricking does, ending on the ep high of ‘Next Exit’.

Stripped back of all gimmicks and frills, ‘Think about your future’ re-tools and re-imagines all the tropes of modern dance musik (Italian House, techno, electronica) and re-invigorates this jaded listener and non-dancing wallflower into wanton toe tapping abandon. I forget myself.

Dance, Under-grounders, dance. Dance yourself back to the future. Knock yourselves out.

Craig M: #weAtnu

#WEATNU Digital Magazine

You can purchase Think about your Future through WEATNU Records

Visit Jazzykat on twitter http://twitter.com/jazzykat7

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