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Review – @4 single by Ronnie Spice

Opening up with a deceptively simple electro flavoured beat, “@4” by Ronnie Spice is a unique and creative piece of music that pushes electronic music genre boundaries while also wearing some influences on its sleeve. In doing so it creates something fresh and original.

The whole track could be described as experimental, but with nods to electro house, hip-hop and even jazz. Phasing funky pads glide over a slowly evolving, but steady electro-house sort of beat, with sharp digital bass lines poking through the mix. Harmonized cold but funky synth stabs come in and out. Experimental electronic percussion elements are sprinkled throughout the track, which really shine and make me curious to hear more!

Around 2 minutes into the track a brief but solid rap vocal comes in and takes the track in a whole new direction.

Coupled with a gorgeous vintage looking photo of the artist’s day to day view from his workplace “@4” is something that needs to be experienced, repeatedly!

#WEATNU Digital Magazine – April 2024 – Graham Jackson

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German producer, DJ and Label owner for WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Guido Braun does not disappoint. This month his latest release “FEELING ALRIGHT feat. AANYA” displays classic house, techno tendencies that any modern DJ would enjoy playing for their spin tracks. His music has been spinning on #WEATNU OUR for some time now. Buy his music on http://wsm.onl and also through Weatnu Records

Follow Guido on Twitter.

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