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World (Step Inside My Dream) – Single by Fat Mavis

The first time I saw the film “Trainspotting", I clearly remember its music, with the track Born Slippy, by Underworld, while hearing the deepest emotions of the group, I fell in love with the song. But this single, just released by Fat Mavis takes me back to that era during the 90’s. Fat Mavis sends us tracks now and then, so it was a real treat to hear this one. We have a mix between Pet Shop Boys, elements of classic dance, UK pop and electro. With a collaborative effort of Fat Mavis and friends, vocals from local musicians in the London area. The track takes you to the edge of Techno, lights flashing in the club, under the dark guise of the nightlife, and finishes off with a nice shot of sequined sequences. Spoken and repeated vocals continue with this catchy tune.  We hope to hear more from him in the near future. 

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Almark#WEATNU Digital Magazine – November 2019

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WEATNU Records: Year one

For an entire year WEATNU has been building a large group of artists on it’s label WEATNU Records. You’ve heard many of them throughout the months. Now you can hear them all together on the same album. Showcasing 74 amazing electronic artists, including punk and post-punk, dream-pop, nu jazz swing. You can buy this great piece of underground history for 9.80 USD. Complete with a wide variety of styles from all over the world. WEATNU Records continues to take in the greatest of hidden talent. All artists receive 70% per sale. WEATNU believes in fair pay to the artist.

Purchase on Bandcamp

<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;” src=”https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3474610779/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/transparent=true/” width=”300″ height=”150″ seamless=””>WEATNU Records: Year One by WEATNU RECORDS</iframe>

#WEATNU Digital Magazine

Dec 2015

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Bufinjer: Electrolysis

I had a late Friday night and sat down in front of my computer with a coffee cooling at my desk this morning, groggy and uninspired. I was asked to do a feature on the new Bufinjer release, and five minutes into the album, the coffee was no longer required. With brilliant synthesizer textures, solid drops, and uplifting melodies, Bufinjer (Out of Buffalo, New York) provides for a dynamic sonic atmosphere that could fill most any space.

Follow Bufinjer on Twitter.


JC Luff#WEATNU Digital Magazine

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German producer, DJ and Label owner for WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Guido Braun does not disappoint. This month his latest release “FEELING ALRIGHT feat. AANYA” displays classic house, techno tendencies that any modern DJ would enjoy playing for their spin tracks. His music has been spinning on #WEATNU OUR for some time now. Buy his music on http://wsm.onl and also through Weatnu Records

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Album of the WeekArchives

Album of the Week: Lie Craze – We won’t ever be saved here.

Berlin solo artist, Lie Craze album of the week ‘We won’t ever be saved here’ On sale now though WEATNU Records for 3 dollars the entire week, to go back to normal price next Sunday.
Lie Craze music is full of catchy snappy melodies, that any, björk, Ladytron, Röyksopp fan would enjoy.
With an icy, Berlin underground sound, this album unleashes the pure creative aspect of the modern day electronic artist. The album is full of great songs such as Die Alive, Wise Girls, Been on an Island. Her presence on the Internet has been rising this past year and we hope to see more great tunes in the future.

Buy on WEATNU Records

Follow Lie Craze on twitter

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Electronic Music Pioneers #1


Richard Melville Hall was born on September 11, 1965 in Harlem, New York. Richard was a small
boy, fragile, you could say. As a small child, he was constantly bullied, which of course kept the Hall household in an uproar. Finally, not being able to cope one more day, his parents decided to change his name. Richard loved to read and his favorite novel was written by Herman Melville.

In fact, Richard’s great-great-great uncle, Herman Melville, as we all know, wrote the memorable story about a man who was bound and determined to kill a whale. . .enter, MOBY.
Moby, the American Electronic singer-songwriter and known for Porcelain, among many other songs, including Flower, the lead in song for Gone in Sixty Seconds 2002 is definitely one of the most revered pioneers of Electronic Music.

Moby spent a lot of time by himself and grew to love music at a young age. Listening to his mother play the piano, Moby began guitar and music theory lessons. His first band consisted of several high school friends and they released an EP, “Hit Squad for God.” Later in school, he joined a new band Awol.

Although he enrolled in college, studying philosophy, he decided what he really yearned to do
was a full-time music career. Thus, working his way up the proverbial ladder toward stardom, he
worked at a record store, played with local bands, and DJing for local nightclubs. The DJ gigs helped him achieve the ultimate success he had longed for.

Moby moved to New York City in 1989 and released his first single, “Mobility” in 1990. His second single, “Go” pushed Moby into the mainstream audiences and the song became a Top 10 hit in the United Kingdom. Now, Moby was becoming a popular Electronic and Dance figure.
Moby released his first Techno album in 1995, “Everything is Wrong”, which was hailed as a success.

In 1996 a Punk Rock album, namely “Animal Rights,” was followed by his 1999 album, “Play.” This
album sold more than 9 million copies worldwide.


Moby released “Play” with “18,” two highly successful albums that sold more than 4 million
copies worldwide. Some of his newer releases and albums were “Hotel,” 2005, “Last Night,” 2008
“Wait for Me,” 2009, “Destroyed,” 2011 and “Wait for Me,” 2013.

Moby’s personal attributes consist of having a deep faith in the teachings of Christ and he is very public about it. Moby is also a “vegan,” and an animal rights activist, which, according to Moby, has brought him considerable scorn in the entertainment industry. A lot of people are instantly filled with ridicule at the idea that someone wouldn’t eat meat.

Moby has inserts in his CDs through essays, regarding his views on religion and animal rights.
Moby has been cited as saying, ” I want to make music that not only entertains, but performs a
function. Music can always serve a role in people’s lives when it’s emotion and warm and inviting and beautiful. Also he says, “I hope that when I find myself no longer a public figure, which could be in six months or two weeks or 10 years, or whenever, I can give it up gracefully and not be bitter, but for now, sometimes it’s fun indulging in the pitfalls a little bit.”

Words of wisdom spoken by Moby – a TRUE ELECTRONIC MUSIC PIONEER.”

Jazzykat #WEATNU Digital Magazine

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