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Review: FTNM – Kin

It was a gloomy, post-Canada week Saturday night, when I was drifting in and out of easy chair consciousness, figuring out where to begin with the next slur of album reviews… I should probably mention to those whom do not reside up here in the north, that Canada Day was Wednesday, July first, and (being a Canadian) I was socially obligated to be a poetic mess for close to a week or so, and to ferment in the presence of recording devices… All this being said, I did not intend to write this review right now (honestly), but as a result of Twitter, I found myself listening to “For the Naked Mind!”, now glued to my desk while the outside obligations of my civilian consciousness are faded into a rhythmic nonsense, unaware of the passage of my Saturday evening into the ether and back for a subtle change in what was once my bio-rhythmic pattern of menial daily activities and once conceived notions of what was downtempo / ambient / progressive electronica.

The implication of glitching, set to a concise and cerebral choice of melodies and chromatics, using well-crafted and immaculately timed synthesizer anomalies has successfully convinced me to return from the fluid and transcendent experience that is “For The Naked Mind”, spreading word of what may very well be an electronic opus, brought into the Internet market place through an invigorating cellar discourse with abstraction that has in fact changed my patterns of thought enough to the point of attempting an explanation of a harmony of both an invigorating and calming aural imagery…

Here being the point in my article, where I do so humbly invite the Internet audience to visit #WEATNU and give a listen, such that I could quite easily say something remotely clever, or somewhat philosophical, but I cannot use words for that which cannot be described as other than being an open door to a train of thought that is without words and has been concocted by “For The Naked Mind”.


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JC Luff#WEATNU Digital Magazine


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WEATNU Records: For The Naked Mind! – FTNM! EP

#WEATNU has a great deal of appreciation for IDM artists, such as Belial Pelegrim. This month For The Naked Mind! comes to WEATNU RECORDS. Another fine example of the ‘hidden’ but talented artist. This debut album gives us a gift of old school IDM quality and organic type + abstract electronic. Track 2 is where the album really gets going. Wonky beats and atmospheric sounds create the backdrop into what FTNM! is allowing our ears to behold. Be sure to add this EP to your fine collection of #WEATNU artists. Only on WEATNU RECORDS.

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FTNM – Well of Fungi

Music of ‘For The Naked Mind’, conceived by one solo artist.

This month we get a sneak-peak of a up and coming new EP from FTNM.

Coupled with bleeps and bloops, along with classic IDM, Experimental, bass driven tunes.

Coming soon.

Listen to Well of Fungi

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