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Album Reviews: Lie Craze: We won’t ever be saved here.

‘We Won’t Ever Be Saved Here’ Whoa. The opiate swoon of opener, ‘Care for Yourself’, has me addicted from the outset: a sonic haze of shoegaze electronica, reverbed snares and a voice that recalls the lazy drawl of My Bloody Valentine or Ride without the guitars. Fantabulous stuff, a perfect beginning to a perfect little album. Can I be more gushing here? I simply adore Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist, Lie Craze, and once again, this aging critic is lost in music. Her voice is unusual with this kind of music, which makes it truly unique. She reminds of, erm…someone – male I think, not in texture, but delivery – but the comparison remains elusive. She has that quality, the just once-removed otherness about her. Gee. Surprisingly, with her fellow conspirator in this beautiful noise, Ableton-enthusiast bumbovsky, the music of ‘We Won’t Ever Be Saved Here’ takes on odd twists and turns at every juncture. Here, it has a eurobeat pulse with a nice 80s sheen, here it’s lo-fi tech, almost Icelandic and glacial, with a real sense of field-recorded ‘acoustic’ instrumentation, the creak of a stool, real percussion, children keyboards, glocks, rattles and toys. And the violin, staccato piano chords and guitar add to the weave and weft of this rich sonic tapestry. Although people tell Lie Craze her sound resonates with the 80s, that wasn’t really her influence, born in 89 she was too young for that period to really colour her craft. She is just doing what comes naturally, achingly melodic and totally one of a kind. The music of a future past.

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by C Manga.

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