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33 Shades of Chrome

WEATNU RECORDS has a tradition of releasing the ‘weird’ and unorthodox. Craig Manga of (Manga Bros) the master of strange, put together his remix request 2 months ago and brought over 33 artists together to redo, recreate and mangle Motorcycle Death Song from his latest album Soulcoalblack. The song is about a Preacher hell-bent on destruction of his own soul, racing to the end of eternity. Flashbacks, skid marks and flesh being peeled from his very body onto the dark pavement in electronic style imagery. By some miracle he is resurrected into a Ghost Rider-like entity. Each artist recreates their version of this Hollywood – indie style film music. Everything from avant-garde to industrial. At the same time there is another “33 more Shades of Chrome” lurking on his Facebook page, to be announced… Get the album on WEATNU RECORDS for Name your Price. One song released per day until all 33 have been released throughout July. Listen below.

Glory Be!!!


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