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SEASON 3 ‘Interstellar Commute’

The Phoenix based ‘Electro Sci-fi’ duo Season 3, bring another slice of sublime, otherworldly electronic pop to your ears in the form of the EP ‘Interstellar Commute’. Those already familiar with the duo will be happy to hear more sci-fi intergalactic imagery shining through the lyrical themes on this EP.

Opening pop-rock groover ‘23rd Century Love Song’ brings a feel-good vibe which instantly lifts the listener. Full of melody, and driving guitars. The track brings feelings of warmth and you feel instantly relaxed, knowing you’re in for a treat. ‘Fhloston’ conjurs up the retro vibe of a 1984 12” club remix of a pop hit, whilst still retaining an edge to itself. The vocals sound like Gary Numan during his hey-day, giving the listener a nostalgic feeling. Edgy and comfortable at the same time, ‘Fholston’ is definitely a stand out track. Next, Season 3 bring ‘Mental Circuitry’ to the party. A powerhouse of twinkling synths, retro pads and a killer guitar solo, this track has a pop melody that sticks in your head and a beat that refuses to let you not tap your feet. As with the previous 2 tracks, the vocal harmonies are wonderfully presented allowing the melodies to embrace you and make you smile. The final track, and the last stop on this interplanetary voyage, is ‘Wish I Could Stay’. This track has a bouncy, driving feel to it with a pulsing bassline, pushing the song along to its natural conclusion. It never runs out of steam (or rocket fuel) and is the perfect foil for the lyrical lament.

Altogether, Season 3 have created the perfect selection to play on a sunny day whilst driving with the windows down and stereo up high. You cannot fail to smile as you listen to ‘Interstellar Commute’ in all its glory. A synth-pop delight!

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Album of the Week: SEASON 3 – Interstellar Commute EP

Phoenix, Arizona sci-fi duo SEASON 3 draw their unique style and inspiration of retro/electronic from the 1970s tv show Space 1999 while combining elements of synthpop, coldwave, and rock.

Let ‘Interstellar Commute’ take you back.


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