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Musicians and their social presence.

If you’re a musician you know how important it is to be in touch with your fans. It is even more important for them to have access to your daily information. While social media may appear to be troublesome to have around, it is in fact very useful if used correctly. Ask any record label and they will tell you that artists must have twitter to succeed, and while some are socially shy, it’s better to have one facebook/twitter than to have nothing at all.

I’ve been posting my music for many years, 5 now, I went through using Facebook, IRC channels and finally twitter. Once I found twitter, then I found what helped me get music out to a wider audience. I cannot tell enough about the absolute importance and benefits of having a twitter account. The marketing value is just part of it. When you open a twitter account you now have access to the entire platform of twitter itself, given you use tags properly and post about what you are seeking, making friends etc. Building a bond with others, not just self-promo but promoting their music too. This is how #WEATNU was started. The simple act of re-tweeting another artist. But to maintain social presence you have to be in social presence.

Facebook likes aren’t enough to gain any type of clout, because if you have few fans, then few people will listen to you. There comes a time where you must self-promote and do it often, and not just one song but many songs, or various info. Be creative and supportive at the same time. The Internet is getting much larger now and more competitive. You are essentially competing to get your information out there to others. Twitter is more important than people realize. When a new artist wishes to be with #WEATNU all they have to do is have twitter, it’s that simple. Having twitter gives us the means to showcase them for this magazine, radio and label. When you promote yourself, you can’t just post and go, you have to interact and do it often. Eventually you meet others and make friends and share music with one-another. Sending in your music to net-radio, blogs and magazines is the best way to get your social presence, yet it doesn’t stop there. Twitter is probably the most important social media site in the world, and more musicians are using it everyday. It’s not just about celebs anymore, (while they do well interacting with their fans) it too works well for the indie scene. Soon #WEATNU DM will have social media tips by Tracy Perry, host of “Expansion of Presence”, a weekly indie show broadcasted to Mixcloud. Be sure to check back on #WEATNU DM for more info in the future.

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