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Interview with Jazzykat

“Jazzykat’s world of music is infused with multi-genres, electronica, experimental, soul, chillout and synthpop. Her wide range of ‘eclectic moods’ come together to form the sound that we have been hearing for many months on WEATNU [OUR]. Along with her career as a solo musician, it was finally time to bring her words in text-form to the light here on #WEATNU DM.”

Corbin: First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time to let me interview you Kathryn.

Jazzy: It’s my pleasure.

Corbin: I understand you have a new album coming out. What is the name going to be?

Jazzy: World Upside Down

Corbin: I’ve grown accustomed to you innovative style. Is this album jumping these boundaries?

Jazzy: I made an album a while back named Eclectic Moods, and that pretty much sums up what to expect from me each time I release something new. Each song will always be different, I keep the music interesting that way.

Corbin: Since listening to your interview with Almark, I have been wondering when we may hear some Jazzy vocals?

Jazzy: If you mean will I ever sing on a song? No, I don’t foresee that happening.
I put so much thought and feeling in each song, I just don’t feel the need to sing. I can sing but even if I’m listening to Electronic music in private, I prefer instrumentals.

Corbin: Not even a little vocoder?

Jazzy: I’ve never used one. I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for the versatility of my songs. I will say that this new album has four new songs and six singles. I have wandered into some new territories in each song, such as, Nu Disco, New Wave, Electronica and Techno.
I do remember a song called Sunset Bay I made years ago, and I introduced the song in a sultry ladies DJ voice, resembling The Fog movie.

Corbin: If you could come across a link for that, what a treat to hear your voice!

Jazzy: I’ll get with Almark, see what we can do. Didn’t you hear me speaking in the interview with him?

Corbin: Of course! That’s what spawned the question.

Jazzy: Oh, you liked that hummm
I do have an Oklahoma accent.

Corbin: Accents help to build character across the microphone. Being from the South myself I often wonder if it comes across in my own vocals. Your voice is also quite unique.

Jazzy: In my younger days I played piano bars all over Tulsa, played at the Camelot Inn for several years, singing some of the songs that people requested, and I did enjoy singing.

Corbin: So what changed?

Jazzy: I found Electronic Music and fell in love because it came at a time when there was a lull in good music. I was burned out on classic rock and Synthpop had dissolved so when I first heard Moby, Dzihan and Kamien, The Dining Rooms, Thievery Corporation, I knew that I wanted to do what they were doing.
Actually, my son encouraged me because of my musical ability and although I was new to computers, I began to play around with Ableton. Learned it very easily and went on from there.

Corbin: The first time I heard Porcelian by Moby I was in awe! It really changed my outlook on the whole band scene. Since your last voice interview with WEATNU you have been quite busy and even started your own Chillout/Electronic group on Facebook. What started this ball rolling?

Jazzy: Because I know how it feels to have an all consuming fire inside to be really good at Electronic music, practice makes perfect and although I don’t need stardom, a few fans would be nice. I wanted Electronic musicians to feel important and I know how it feels to be totally ignored after you have spent months working on a project that you think is YOU. I can’t be someone else because of my deep seeded desire to make good music and besides, if I never make a dime, it’s a challenge and it’s fun to hear the end product.
Our motto in The Electronic/Chillout Musician’s Circle came from my heart to every musician that I have in my Circle “Everyone needs praise – it keeps us motivated.”
I belong to twelve musical groups and none of them do promotion like I do in the Circle. They need to want to be in the Circle and mostly they just want to be HEARD.

Corbin: Your member numbers are growing astronomically, care to comment on this feat?

Jazzy: I’ve noticed that too, I guess I would have to say “word of mouth,” some of the musicians, especially the ones in Europe must be trying to make the Circle a “household word,” that’s okay.

Corbin: Very much so! Does it encompass a lot of your time to oversee this group?

Jazzy: I have made an organized system so I can keep track of their names, the songs that person uploads, the albums, the videos and the links they have included so I can refer the public to their outside music.

Corbin: I often wonder what artists do for work, as it subconsciously fuels their creative essence. I am an auto technician by day, what is your livelihood?

Jazzy: I am a retired legal secretary and musician.

Corbin: So with the new album almost complete, aside from its promotion what is the next move for Jazzykat?

Jazzy: Let me offer you some information about my musical endeavors. I have made five albums and one EP through Weatnu and in answer to your question I will continue to make Electronic music and learn and use new genres in my albums and singles. On albums such as, Vanilla Crunch, and Think about your Future on Weatnu Records.

Corbin: Very good! Keep them coming. I read your article on Thom Yorke here in #WEATNU Digital Magazine. Are you going to be writing some more articles in the near future? How about any collaborations coming up?

Jazzy: Yes, indeed, I really enjoy doing those articles. I will be doing new articles about Electronic Pioneers and I have been debating about something new in the magazine, I think I will also start a new article regarding 80’s Synthpop Superstars, that should be interesting.
Since the ever popular Glory Be, we’ll call it, I haven’t given it much thought. With the Circle promotions and making new music I probably wouldn’t have time.

Corbin: Yes MDS is a super huge project!! Do you think the Chillout/Electronic group will get together for something like that venture?

Jazzy: We are so new, it’s really hard to say right now.

Corbin: I listen to everything WEATNU had to offer as a moderator for our soundcloud account. When I play your music at work, people instantly turn their heads, and yet there are vocals to speak of. What you bring to the WEATNU movement is quite unique. Do you feel that your music influences others or is it your persona? Or both?

Jazzy: All I do is pour out the beats I love, the percussion, which gives that song an edge of surprise, or whatever you indeed want the song to sound like. The chords you play, the sequences are very important while keeping it lively. The kick is a vital important asset today and the melodies are just as important.  I really want people to enjoy my music and hopefully they feel that desire when they hear them…I hope so!
When I begin a new song, it must be different, in most respects, a catchy bass intro, merging with a good-sounding kick, maybe some fx and go from there, as they say, “it’s your thing….do what you wanna do.”

Corbin: Great reference! Your albums are such an “easy listen” not to be confused with the genre “easy listening”. I put on Bufinger‘s album and had an entire dashboard and heater core out of a vehicle in 2 hours. I’m listening to you now and taking my time with a rather large job I’m doing now. I don’t have to change the channel or turn it down as people come by trying to communicate with me. That is something very unique about your music, its flow and architecture. Care to elaborate?

Jazzy: I would really like to try something heavier, but so far the song Eccentric Minds is probably the heaviest I have done. In fact, I have included it in the new album.
In answer to your last question, I will say that has to do with Almark’s mastering. He’s very particular about the audio sound in the music he is working on.

Corbin: Your songs seem to cover a wide range of musical influences. Are there a couple of genres in particular that you feel have shaped the course of your music career?

Jazzy: In the sixties, R&B, Pop, Funk, Soul and Jazz. The seventies had Marvin Gaye, Huey Lewis, The GAP Band from Tulsa, James Brown, The Doobies and The Commodores. Jazz was still popular with Dave Brubeck and others. Hall & Oates, Led Zeppelin and Disco were popular, and there was a huge variety of genres to choose from. I liked all of these.
I guess my music has been influenced by all these genres and now they are mixed with Electronic, Experimental, Dance, Techno, and now NewWave, NuDisco and Electronica.

Corbin: Besides your DAW of choice, what other instruments do you use regularly in your recordings?

Jazzy: Along with Ableton, I use an Axiom Air MIDI Keyboard with Nexus software which gives me a wide variety of beats, pads and instruments, such as piano, bass and drum pads, mixed in with fx sounds. I am now composing new songs with more keyboard beats, and melodies. I also play the accordian and the ukelele, haha just kidding.

Corbin: I must say Kathryn it has been a real pleasure being able to get a better understanding on what makes your music so unique. Is there anything else you would care to comment on?

Jazzy: Please buy my new album. That’s It! Thanks Corbin for your support.

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#WEATNU Digital Magazine – Interview by Corbin Roof

Intro by Almark

Pre-order Jazzykat’s latest album ‘World Upside Down’ On Weatnu Records.

4 Brand new songs appear on this album.

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Interview with Ashleigh

“You could search the world for the finest musicians and not find what you’re looking for, when instead that music is in your own backyard. Ashleigh Antolini captures the soul of what it means to be an artist. She is the embodiment of today’s new Electronic sound, coupled with DreamPop, Witchhouse, Experimental, Jazz and Avant-Garde. We were most pleased to have a moment with her. She is also an up-in-coming musician to the indie electronic scene in Florida.”

Hello, how are you today?

Ashleigh: I’m great! Super excited, how about yourself?

Good to hear that, thank you, great here, and thank you for having this interview today.

Ashleigh: Of course, thanks for wanting to interview me!

I would like to introduce your music properly to #WEATNU. Could you say what you do musically?

Ashleigh: I am a singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist. I also play guitar, not a lot of people are familiar with that, because the majority of my music is electronic.

You have a very unique sound, certainly pushing the envelope on the avant-garde pop.

Ashleigh: Why thank you!

I must say, that you are a fantastic vocalist. Was this your first love?

Ashleigh: It was! I fell in love with the whole artistic concept of expression through music. I have been writing songs from as early as I can remember, when I was about 7 or 8 I would wait for everyone in the house to leave and set up my stuffed animals on my couch and perform for them. (ha-ha embarrassing fact).

Great story. [laughs] I understand that you are working in tandem with Shark Anthony, do you and he write music together or does he produce alone?

Ashleigh: Shark Anthony is the main producer I work with. He is someone who has adapted to my style so perfectly, I can always count on him to create something exactly what I am looking for. We have a lot of songs together, (on both of our soundclouds) and a lot more coming out. We are actually in the midst of discussing an indie type project to work on together very soon. For the majority though, I write and sing and he produces.

It’s always good to find someone whom you can fit well with musically. It is amazing work, as I am more impressed with your latest EP Vicious Cycle, and this is my 3rd time to listen.

Ashleigh: Thank you! It was just a short something I wanted to put out after going on a sort of hiatus in music for a couple months.

What kind of music are listening to these days?

Ashleigh: I can pretty much listen to anything, besides country haha. I just can’t seem to listen to that. Some of my favorites are, Bon Iver, Pink Floyd, Phantogram, The Xx, Arctic Monkeys, James Blake,The Black Keys, Explosions in the Sky, Sylvan Esso, the list goes on haha.

How long and how did you get into writing Electronic?

Ashleigh: Well I have never imagined myself singing on this type of music. It has always been just me and my guitar, I have Shark Anthony to thank for this. We have known each other for years and we both knew we each made music and one day I went over his house and he wanted me to sing on one of his tracks called “Hey” for his album “In Depth” (which is out now on his Soundcloud). Long story short, he has kept making beats for me after that, and I just fell in love with the whole dark electronic ambience of what he has created for me, it can really set a perfect scene in your head, other than just playing with one acoustic instrument. He has really helped me come into the local music scene, and I owe a lot to him.

<iframe src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/117718824&color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

A match made in Heaven.

Ashleigh: Literally haha

I hear a lot of Jazz influences in your music, do you have any faves?

Ashleigh: I do like to incorporate a jazzy vibe into my sound. Norah Jones and Aretha Franklin are great!

They are. Do you orchestrate the chord progressions in the work between you and Shark Anthony? Lunar Leaks B-Side is catching my ear at the moment. Just amazing work.

Ashleigh: Thank you! The song I have on the Lunar Leaks album, “Running With Wolves” (an acoustic track) the guitar on it, is all played by me. The majority of music there I have sung on, with production by Shark Anthony, has been me just going crazy looking through all his Ableton files and I would say to him “I need to sing on this! Sometimes I’ll play something on guitar or make a weird sound, and he’ll say “I need to sample this!” and we’ll just create from there!

Also, on Lunar Leaks B-side, not only has production from Shark Anthony, but there is also production from my friend TheHighStreet, on the track, “Midnight Walker”

Though you might be modest about this music, it is without a doubt, real talent.

Ashleigh: Thank you, there is a lot of talent musically down here in sunny South Florida. #FRIENDLAB

You’re welcome. You may not realize this but #WEATNU works with artists from all over the world. Have you heard any thus far?

Ashleigh: I have just been coming back into social media really, so I have just recently discovered #WEATNU and what it is all about. I have been enjoying the 24 hour radio #WEATNU [OUR]. Some songs on there are very impressive. There is such variety, it really cleanses the mind pallet.

Glad to hear that J Did you find someone you like through #WEATNU [OUR]?

Ashleigh: I’m still discovering all the talented people that are a part of #WEATNU. I think everyone what I’ve heard so far has been great. A song that really stuck out to me while listening on the radio, was called “Pack it in America.” So different, such a dark creepy like vibe. It was amazing though. You can tell they really put a lot of effort into it!

That would be Lightfarer. That song chills me to the bone. It is indeed haunting. He speaks the truth.

Ashleigh: Indeed it does!

You’ll be glad to know that you we’ll be releasing that album to Weatnu Records in the next month or so.

Ashleigh: That’s great, can’t wait to hear it!

About your song writing once again. Are you learning or mixing your own tracks as well?

Ashleigh: I have dabbled here and there with Ableton, I am definitely learning more and more about mixing and mastering, but honestly that stuff takes years. Props to all these producers out there because this stuff isn’t easy. You can’t just jump into it, it takes a lot of time and practice.

I’ve been mixing and mastering for 15 years, and you are right. No tool in existence can give you golden ears. Takes years. But I believe you would do well. Do you write keyboard parts etc, play with VST’s and make your own rhythms as well?

Ashleigh: I have created a couple things using Ableton, with a plug in MIDI keyboard, some conga drums, guitar, and other plug-ins. I love to mess around with all of Shark Anthony’s toys. There are actually some hidden files on his computer that he doesn’t even know are there that I have created doing all that stuff while he wasn’t around! I guess he’s going to find out after reading this now though [laughs]

Ha-ha, sneaky. You could call the next album, ‘The Hidden Files’

Ashleigh: Haha very true!

Are you playing in venues around Florida?

Ashleigh: I have played at places like The Funky Buddha, a music festival called Moonfest, and a lot of bars. I am hungry for more shows though! It’s been a little tricky for me to network in this area. I am still semi new to this music scene around here so I am still trying to be respected and make a name for myself. I’m showing people that I am serious and confident in the sound I can bring.

That’s all that matters, but with your drive and talent, I’m sure you indeed go far. Your music rivals with the likes of FKA twigs. I hear something new coming to the world of avant-garde indiepop, this is new and fresh music for the next generation. The hip-hop attitude is also quite impressive on these EPs and albums, very underground. Listening to Lunar Leaks, another highly impressive album.

Ashleigh: Wow thank you, she is indeed talented so that is a compliment. Those are the songs that I introduced coming into this music scene. The first songs I’ve ever created with Shark.

It’s all amazing work! Are you self-taught?

Ashleigh: Vocally?

Vocally, musically.

Ashleigh: I took singing/ guitar lessons when I was about 14 only for 2 years at most, then from there I mainly taught myself everything I know now.

What influences you as a musician?

Ashleigh: My life has influenced my music. My life, my experiences. Everything that I have gone through in my time on this planet, all the pain, all the joy, I have and will continue to put that into my music.

Beautiful answer.

Ashleigh: Some people say the majority of my music is a bit melancholy and dark. Maybe that is the majority of emotion I have been feeling lately. I can’t fake an emotion for a catchy song. If I’m going to feel sad for a year, I’m going to write 50 sad songs instead of trying to fake an emotion for one happy one.

How are you writing music with Shark Anthony, just picking up the mic and singing while he produces? – The mic quality is amazing btw!

Ashleigh: A lot of the things I record are already written. Some of the songs I have released though are actually free styled, (like the song Retrograde) I just picked up the mic and just started singing and we ended up just keeping it because it was sang off pure raw emotion. His mic is a Shure Beta87a, that is the one we mainly record with.

A very clean sound.

<iframe src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/202111768&color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Are you working toward another album?

Ashleigh: I am in the process of recording new songs for a potential EP. I just put out a new song called Defeat: Imminent, which is a little teaser of my newer sound and what those songs are like. A new EP is definitely in the near future!

Great to hear that and we’ve also heard Defeat: Imminent just recently.

Any future plans?

Ashleigh: Potentially put out an album, maybe host my own showcase of local talent, get signed, moved to LA became a millionaire. You know, the little things ha-ha!

And a final question: What is your favourite video game of all time?

Ashleigh: Call of Duty: EXO ZOMBIES ha-ha, I don’t know. Mario Kart!


Ashleigh: Two completely different games!

Thank you Ashleigh for doing this interview with #WEATNU DM today. Good luck to you and your future in music.

Ashleigh: Thank you so much!

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#WEATNU Digital Magazine – Interview and intro by Almark

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