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Review: Naimi – Demonsongs

Naimi – Demonsongs

On first hearing this EP, I was abruptly brought into the world of Naimi. A frightening, demonic world, but with a melodic tenderness that kept me calm and satisfied throughout. In fact, so satisfied that, when the EP ended, I replayed it again immediately from the start! It’s like observing Hell from the sanctity of a protective capsule. Truly thrilling.

EP opener, ‘Let Me Die’, is often abrasive and discordant on first hearing, but keeps restoring your sanctity of whichever ‘safe’ place you listen in with regular melodic breaks. All tracks are often sparse, but that is highly refreshing in a world populated by over-produced sounds and textures.

‘Panic’ leads with a surprisingly cheerful synth, reminiscent of the old ‘Tennis’ Atari game back in 1979. It is combined with a swirling backing which wraps you up and, together with the driving beats, keep you wanting more. It’s like watching a horror movie – you’re scared at what you’re seeing, but safe in the comfort of a cinema or living room so want to keep watching. It also sounds AMAZING on headphones, really claustrophobic but with a vibrancy that breaks through the discordant evil that lurks within.

‘Demon Songs’ is an apt title for the soundscape that Naimi provides here, however the collection of tracks are much more than demonic representation. It’s fluid, lyrical and melodic in a menacing kind of way. Perfect music to accompany reading the latest Stephen King novel, although you wouldn’t give it a spin during your wedding reception disco! It is an EP that leaves you wanting more, so replay value is very high. Definitely a winner.

More please Naimi.


Rich James#WEATNU Digital Magazine

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Naimi: Demonsongs EP

We’ve had a few releases to Weatnu Records this month, one such is Naimi – Demonsongs.

Swedish, Buzzmachines music creator Naimi, brings to us her latest EP: Demonsongs. Which calls back the nostalgia of the early NES period, with a touch of post-electro. Including 8-bit tendencies and PCM pulse tones. Get it on Weatnu Records.

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